“Reflections on Headrick Chap. 5”

gutenbergThe Gutenberg Bible is important not only because it is the first large printed book of the western culture but also because it revolutionized the culture and the concept of education of that time. Before this precious invention, the books were something accessible only to few. But thanks to the mind of a German goldsmith the print became the primary tool of disseminating culture, give access to knowledge and bringing men out of the dark ages. Building on his experience with metals, Gutenberg organized in a new way an alloy of lead and metal from which it was possible to extract/create individual characters able to be reusable each time. Each of those characters differently arranged under a press would create various result on the sheet. Gutenberg’s invention of the printing with movable type was initially utilized in prints of calendars, grammars book, and indulgences. Gutenberg’s innovation, however, reached its top pick when he had to create complex and voluminous books which culminated with his masterpiece the Bible. The Bible consist of two volumes, the Old and New Testament, which were both printed originally on rag papers – parchment in fiber – and successively printed on hemp imported from Italy.



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